According to Shri Sohanraj Bhansali the origin of this gotra is from Kanhad de of Nadol. Who is different from Kanhad deo, the king of Jalore, Lakhamsee son of Kanhad de was tired with the attacks of Mohammedans, so he settled in Sankhval. In V. 1175 Acharya Shri Ratnaprabh Suri of Korant Gachh enlightened him and converted him into Oswal.

A hand written document had found in Shri Abhay Jain Granthalaya of Bikaner. According to it, Kanhad Deva was the king of Sovangiri (Jalore). He died while fighting with Allauddiun Khilji. His grandson Lakhamsee settled in Sankhval. He was converted and became an Oswal in V. 1245. His family was named ‘Sankhvalecha’. It is also said that this gotra was originate in V. 713. Acharya Shri Kirtiratna Suri enlightened King Suchidhar of Sankhvali (Ahor district Jalore). His grandson Lakhamsee built a Jain Temple at Koranta.

Jansatia, Mamaya or Mumbiua, Halakhandi, Borudia, Jinani, Bunta, Kanugo, Bala etc. are its sub-Gotras.


Acharya Jinkirti Suri

            He was the fourth son of Davemal and grandson of Malluji Sankhvalecha. He was born at Koranta in V. 1449. When he became Acharya his name became Jin Kirti Suri. When idol of Lord Parshvanth found in the dry tank of Nakoda. Acharya Shri Jin Kirti Suri installed this deity. He also installed the deity of Lord Bharav with this. In V. 1536 Shah Jetha son of Rohini installed the idol of Acharya Shri Jin Kirti Suri opposite the deity of Lord Bharav is yet in the Nakoda Temple.


Acharya Bhikhu Swami (V.1817 to 1860)

            He was the 1st Acharya of Swetamber Terapanth. According to the Bahi of Yati Dakhulalji, Acharya Bhikuswami was in the 4th pedigree of Sankhelcha Veerdas. He was born on Ashad Shukla 13th 1783 in village Kantalia. His father was Baluji Sankhlecha and mother was Dipabai. He renounced the world and got Diksha from Acharya Shri Ragunathji of Sthanakvasi Sampradaya in V.1808. After about 8 years he left Ragunathji Swami and created a new Sampradaya named Terpanth on Asad Shukla 15th 1837. He expired on Bhadrapad Shukla 13th 1860 at Siryari at the age of 77. He gave diksha to 49 Shraman and 56 Shramani in his Sampradaya.


Sankhlecha Munnilalji Johari-Jaipur

            He was member of Jaipur Municipal Board Jipur. Treasurar of Sthanakvasi Subhod Jain School and President and Treasurar of Jain Girls School.


Sankhlecha Seth Rikhabdasji – Khamgaon

            He was born in V. 1902. He built a water tank and took pipe Connection for general public at Khamgaon. He was the founder of Municipality and cotton Market.


Sankhlech Bhandashah.

            He was second son of Mala Shah. He settled at Bikaner. He built a very beautiful Jain Temple at Bikaner named ‘Bhandasar ka Mandir’.


Sankhlecha Shri Virendrakumar – Javed (M.P.)

            He was the main resident of Javed. He was Law Graduate. He was the top most Politician of Bhartiya Janta Party of Madhya Pradesh of his time. He remained MLA and then 16th Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.


Sankhlech Shri Omprakash – Javed (M.P.)

            He is son of Chief Minister Shri Virendrakumar Sankhlecha. After graducation he joined BJP and became active party leader. Now he is MLA of Madhya Pradesh.


Sankhlecha Seth Dayachand Kashinath Johari – Jaipur                    

            He established his business in V.1835. He managed the exhibitions of Jewellery in Landon and Calcutta. He was a famous Johari of Rajputana States. He was one of the Promineant person, who expanded the Jaipur city. Maharaja of Jaipur played an important role to make the Jaipur ‘the city of Jewellers’. He named Johari Bazar (main market of Jaipur), and Manak chowk, Moti Katla, Chandi-ki-Taksal, and so on. Jaipur State also named the lane of his house the ‘Kashinath lane’.


Sankhlecha Smt. Lalkanwar – Jaipur

            Smt. Lalkanwar was daughter-in-law of Shri Kashinathji and wife of Shri Phoolchanji Sankhlecha. She had a grand Haveli on ‘Chaura Rasta’. She donated it to Shri Vardhman Sthanakvasi Shravak Sangh Jaipur. It is named ‘Lalbhawan’.


Sankhlecha Seth Biharilal- Hathras

            He was original resident of Jaisalmer. He built a beautiful Dadavadi at Hathras.


Sankhvalecha Mala Shah

            He was son of Kelaji the third son of Davemal. He built very beautiful Jain temples of Nakoda. In V. 1518 Acharya shri Jinchandra Suri installed the deity in the presence of Acharya Kirti Ratna Suri. He was Diwan of Veerampur (Nakoda). His widow sister Chhalibai built a Jain temple of Lord Aadinath in V. 1511. Malashah was a devotee of his Kuldevi. Kuldevi was pleased with him and as per his desire she gave him a precious stone ‘PARAS’. He managed a Sangh for Shatrunjaya and Girnar. He is a famous with the name of ‘MOHORON’ (Golden Coin) wale malashah. He had four sons named soda, Bhanda, Nida and Chuda.


Sankhvalech Kochar Shah

            The generation of Lakhamsee is as under :

Jeevraj, shivraj, Narsingh, Varsingh, Dhanpal, Ambveer and Kocharsingh. Kocharsingh built a Jain temple of Lord Aadinath in Sankhval. Kocharshah had five sons named Jeto, Kheto, Neto, Pita and Mulu.

Shri Jetsee built a Jain temple of Lord Vardhaman at Meva Nagar in V. 1429, and I V.1505 built a Jain temple of Lord Rishabhdave at Mandavgarh. He also managed a Sangh of 3000 devotees.


Sankhlecha Netseeji and Bijaji        

            Sankhlecha Netseeji and Bijaji built a Jain temple of Lord Shantinath at Jalore in V. 1625. Sankhlecha Manakji Moolji built one Jain temple of Lord Mahaveera on the Jalore Fort in v.1665. Emperor Akbar awarded siropav and the title of ‘Kanungo’ to Manakji Moolji.

            Following are the sub-gotras of Sankhlechha. Kanstiya, Mamiya, Halakhandi, Borundia, Jinanadi, Bunta, Kanuga, Bala, Bhandari, Singhvi, Kothari, Patva etc.


Sankhlecha Shri Bherulal Hiralal – Pali – Marwar

            He was born at Tilwara (Barmer) on 17-08-1942. He was sent to Ahmedabad at the age of 12 years for taking business training. After 9 months he went to Ballari. In 1957 he came to Bombay and joined M/s S.K. Shah. After a few time he became the partner of the firm. In this way he became a famous businessman.

            He was the Treasurer of All India Terapanth Youvak Parishad. He is the President of Oswal Sankhlechha Bhaipa for last 7 years. He also remains president of Terapanth Sabha Pali from 1999 to 2001. He is Patron of Nakoda Tirth.


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