Shah Shri Meghji Pethraj

His father Pethraj was a village farmer. He was born in V. 1961. He passed his fifth class and became a teacher in his village. After the 1st World was many Oswals went to East Africa. Meghji kept his mothers ornaments on mortgage and went to Mombasa in V. 1976.

First he joined service and then started his own business. In V.1979  he called his two brothers and opened a shop named Raichandra Brothers. Then he established many industries and became a prominent industrialist of East Africa.

In V.2000 he was nominated treasurer of Meghji Bhai relief fund formed for the relief of the victims of draught in Bengal. As his income increased he did more and more social services. In V. 2010 he closed his business. At that time his total capital was 25 lacks of Pond. He handed over his total capital to a trust named ‘Meghji Methraj Cheritable Trust’.

He was nominated member of Raja Sabha in V. 2012. He died inV.2021.

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