Maharana Karansingh Shishodia was the king of Mewar in the 13th century. His son Shravanji converted himself and became Oswal under the influence of the Acharya Shri Yashibhadra Suri.

            According to Deepvijayaji Gani Maharaj, the king Samarsingh married with princes of Delhi. He was father of four sons. Two went to Nepal and became the king of Nepal, so they were named Gorkha. Fourth son was Karansingh or Kshemsingh, who became king of Chittore. He had three sons named, Mahap, Rahap and Dhiraj. Dhiraj became a victim of Leprosy. He was cured by the Bhattarak (Jain sant). Dhiraj converted himself into Oswal and his gotra was named ‘Shishodia’.

            Seth Shri Shantidas was son of Dhiraj. Emperor Jahangir treated him as his maternal uncle. Some historians write name Samantsingh instead of Shantidas. Veer Dayalshah Patandeo Shishodia was a very famous person of his time. It is also said that gotra Sishodia is a sub-gotra of Dugar. Its sub-gotra are Kunkurol and Kakol. Kuldevi of this gotra is Shri Banmata of Chittor.

Shishodia Maldasji – Mewar

            Pradhan Mehta Somchandji appointed Shishodia Maldasji the commander of the joint army of mewar and Kota to attack Marathas. Thanks to the leadership of Maldasji that the war was won.


Shishodia Dayaldasji Singhvi – Udaipur

            He was Pradhan of Udaipur State in the period of Maharana Rajsinghji.


Shishodia Prahaladji – Begu

            He founded a new city which he namd Prahaladpura. Now it is know as Daulatpura. His tomb is lying there. Maharanaji honoured him with the title of ‘Nagar Seth’ and presented him a well and 35 Bigas of land and four Bigas for a garden.

            He had a most valuable library. There were more than 800 old hand written books in it. Hand written ‘Kalpasutra’ scribed on the leaves of toddy tree was also in this library. It may be of V. 1400. He had also collection of old China crockery etc. He established a girls school in Phalodi. In V. 1973 when Municipality came in existence he deposited all the taxes of poor persons of Phalodi.

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