Shravansukha (Shamsukha)

Shravansukha is a sub-gotra of the gotra Aadityanag,Choradia.

It is also said that King Kharathsingh had eight sons. One son was Samsee. His family was named Samsukha. In his 9th generation was Mehta Ratanji. On the request of Bikaner Maharaja he left Pattan and settled at Bikaner in V. 1575. In the 11th generation was Seth Gamandsee, who settled at Indore and took contract for the distribution of meals to the army. He was honoured by the king of Indore for his excellent services. His main business was of colour and general merchandise. He opened his business officers in many famous cities in India and Japan.

In 1921 he started to devite his time to expand education to the needy and in religious activities. He also published religious books and sold them on cost price. He was elected president of All India Sthanakvasi Jain Conference in 1926. He had been the Commissioner of Bikaner Municipality for ten years. The Government also deputed him as the Honorary Magistrate. He had established ‘Jain Parmarthic Sansthan’ at Bikaner, through it many religious and welfare work are being done.

In 1930 he established a woolen Mill in Bikaner. Thousands quintal wool is exported from India every year from this Mill.


Samsukha Seth Gamandseeji – Indore

            He left Bikaner and settled at Indore. He started supplying the food materials to the army of Holkar. Then he took charge of the delivery of posts to the places won by the Holker’s and Sindhia. The rular of Holkar honoured him and extended the privilege of a Horse, Royal Umbrela, Chhadi, and Chapdas. He opened his business officers in famous cities in India and Japan.

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