Gotra Singh is found in many gotras, such as Baldota Singhi, Kamani-Singhi, Babel-Singhi, Nanvana Singhi, etc.


Singhi Shri Deoraj-Jodhpur

            Shri Deoraj Singhi is one of the most prominent revolutionaries of Jodhpur. He was born in V. 1979. He was a revolutionert since birth. He started wearing Khadi when he was a student of Sardar High School, Jodhpur. In 1942 revolutionary party had handed him home made ‘Bombs’. At that time there was a full Battalian of Airforce in jodhpur on every Saturday many soldiers used to go to the Stadium Cinema for entertainment. Shri Deoraj made a time Bomb, which was installed under the chair of the Hall in a bag by his brother Shri Lalchand. It blasted but there was no casualty. The government got horrified. A member of the team became informer and both the brothers were arrested. On the day of Judgemnet Lalchand absconded and lived in a dress of a monk for many days. Deoraj was sentenced to imprisonment for 10 years. At the end of 2nd world was when all the prisoners were released, he was also released. We should be proud of such freedom fighters.


Singhi Shri Bahadursingh-Calcutta

            He was born in v.1942. He was a rich Zamindar of Bengal His estates were at Chobees Paragna, Purnia, Malda and Murshidabad. His Jute business centres were at Calcutta, sirajganj, Ajimganj and Farbisganj etc.

            He was a believer of Jain Philosophy, He had the hobby of the collecting antiques. Arabian and Persian hand-written books of the Emperors of india were a part of his collection. Many of them bear the signatures of the Mughal Emperors.

He was elected President of Jain Swetamber Conference of Bombay in V. 1983. He was also the President of Jain Gurukul of Gujranawala sixth conference.

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