Singhi (Babel)

Sighi Baghmalji – Shahpura

            He was born in V. 1843. He was Kamdar of Maharaja Jagatsinghji. Col. Dikson praised the administration, there is good administration and peace every where. 17th Feb. 1846. On 18th Aug., 1845 Maharana Swaroopsinghji wrote singhi Baghmalji a letter “…. You look after the work of the State honestly till His Highness become major…” He died in v. 1905. His son was Singhi Krashnasinghji.


Singhi Krashansinghji – Shahpura

            He was born in V. 1916. He built Dharmshala at Shahpura. He created a trus by which many donations and deeds are performed such as to help orphans, widows, scholarships, etc. He built a temple of Ragunathji at Shahpura. He died in V. 1979.


Singhi Sajjansinghji – Shahpura

            He was adopted son of Singhi Krashansinghji. He was President of District Board & Local Board. He continued gis father’s Project of Charitable works. He also presided over the Oswal Sammallen of Ajmer.


Singhi Shri Mohanraj Mishrimal – Jodhpur       

            He was born on 31-12-1939. He passed B. Com., LLM, and started Practice at Ahmedabad. He is the Trustee and Chairman of Gujrat Research and Medical Institute. He is the patron of Global Visan Society Jawahar Shikshan Sansthan and Vardhaman Shikshan Sansthan etc. He is the treasurer of Preksha Dhyan Academy etc.

Singhi Shri Bhanwarlal

            He was born in V. 1971 in a village cottage of Badu (jodhpur). He was a very poor child, but very intelligent. He should first in his middle class examination. He secured Gold Medal in his High School Examination. With the help of Justice shri kanwarlal Bafna he went to Kashi Hindu University for further education. There he came in contact with shri Premchand, the famous novelist. With his inspiration he started writing Hindi prose. Dr. Sunilkumar Chatterjee wrote his first prose collection ‘Vedna’ was published in V. 1994. Its introduction and Ravindranath Tagour praised it. Dr. Ramchandra Shukla accepted this book in his ‘Hindi Sahitya ka Itihas’.

He took charge of editor of ‘Oswal Navyuvak’. When his revolutionary essay ‘Sadhutva’ was published, then he was terminated. He formed a society ‘Rarun’ in v. 1997 and started publishing ‘Tarun Jain’, and performed a new path for the society.

He met Mahatma Gandhi in the Rashtrabhasha prachar Samiti meeting held at Vardha in V. 1999. Mr. Singhvi joined the national Movement of india. He came in contact with many national leaders. He was responsible of the plan performed to shoot down the train run between Nagpur and Bombay with the Dynamite, but arrested and sent to Jail. He released in V.2002. After independence he engaged himself in the social services. In V. 2007 he went to East Pakistan to release Hindu families from the clutches of muslims. He got success. On return the Chied Minister Shri Vidhyanchandra rai welcomed him. He started family planning.

Nappanee School, Balika Shiksha sadan Tantia High School, Shaikhayatan College Parivariki etc. were managed by him in Calcutta. Parvariki was a grand School for the Children living in the huts, where free education was given to 700 students. Free dinner and books were also given. He died in V. 2043 at Jaipur.


Seth Kastoorbhai Lalbhai

            He was the top most Industrialist of Gujrati Oswal Samaj. He was born at Ahmedabad on 29-12-1894.


Singhvi Dayaldas

            He was the minister of Maharana Rajsinghji. All the Hindus were worrid of the atrocity of Aurangjeb and it became untroubles when Aurangjeb imposed Jajia tax on Hindus, then Maharana Rajsingh wrote a letter to Aurangjeb to stop it. At that time Aurangjeb sent a grand army in V. 1736, Bhadrapad Shukla 8th. The Maharana and Dayaldas fough very bravely and defeated the mugals. Col. Tod said, “Dayaldas was a very clever Minister of Maharana Dayaldas was enxious to fight with the Mugals. He marched with a fast running horse army to words the river Narbada and betva. They looted Sarangpur, Devas, SAroj, Mandu, Ujjain and chanderi and killed all the Mugal soldiers. In this way many cities and villages destroyed. Muslims were so frightened that they did not cared for their family and ran away to words safety places. They left their beloved wife and children. The army burnt those things which they could not carry. Singhvi Dayalshah took revenge from the Muslims who had perpetrated atrocities on Hindus. Beared and moustaches of the Molvies were shaved. He deposited total looted wealth in the treasurary of Maharana.

“Enthusiasm Dayalshah and prince Jaisingh attacked on the army of Ajim son of the Emperor and defeated them. Ajij ran towards Ranthambhor to save the life.” In the same way Dayalshah won many battles.

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