Vedhya (Ved ,Baid )

Its Main Gotra is Shreshthi. According to Mahajan Vansh Muktavali there was a Shreshthi Dulaha. He was residing at Chittore. His father was a famous Vedya. The queen of Chittoregarh had serious eye-trouble. The king did a lot of efforts to cure her but in vain. At last king called the Shreshthi to cure her. He immediately went to the Acharya Shri Jindutt Suri and requested him to cure the eyes of the queen of Chittorgarh. The Acharya gave a little Kajalsoot and told him to apply in queen’s eye. The queen got relief from the trouble, the king awarded him the title of Vaidhya….


Vedya Shri Jodhraj – Ladnu

            His wife expired when he was 32 years old. After the death of his wife, he started to help and support the poor. He learned Aurvedic and Jain literature and became a social worker. He used to distribute the medicines free of cost. He was also a naturalgist.

            He took active part in the revolutionary work of female education, and boycotted the blind orthodoxy spread in our social and religious life.

            He taught the poor people how to use the waste tires of aeroplanes in the horse, camel and buffalo carts. Today this business has flourished through out the country. He also took part in the freedom of India. The leaders of ‘Praja-Parshad’ used to stay in his house.


Vaidya-Mehta Rao Lakhansee – Bikaner

            He was Divan of Bikaner State.

Vaidya – Mehta Thakurseeji – Bikaner

            He was 5th in the pedigree of Rao Lakhanseeji. He was Divan of Rao Raisinghji the King of Bikaner.

            According to Mahajanvansh Muktavali the pedigree of Shreshthi and Vaidhya gotra is as under- Dhoom, Agan, Dhir, Ravsi, Dhandhu, Bisal, Aasam, Somdave, Sodhal, Bhomdev, Nardev, Samarsen, Sukhsen, Sovanraj, Achalsen, Karmsen, Kunvarsen, Bohsen, Veerdhaval, Davesen, Sankhat, Senpal, Aasdhar, Mahidhar, shivdhar, Vikramsen, Bheemsen, Uppaldeo, Bharagunaresh, Chakravrat, Paldave, Jogin, Kogur, Samarsee, Sukhmal, Salo, Samrath, Karman, Bohit, Veerdhaval, punyapal, deoraj, Sankhat, Jeevchand, Velraj, Aasdhar, Udaisee, Malsee, Narbhram, Shravan, Samarsee, Sanvatsee, Narsee, Harsee, Irraj, Dhanraj, Premraj, Dhansee, Vairsee, Karamsee, Dharamsee, punsee, Mansee, Devdutt, Dulha, Vardhman, Sachha, Sahdave, Jasveer, Mohal, Manaksee, Delho, Kelansee, Tribhuvansee, Sadulsee, Laloji, Shrimantji, Amrji, simaji, Jivandasji, Thakarseeji, Rajsee, Aaskaran, Ramchand, Udhaibhan, Daulatram, Manakchand, Ghamandsee, Moolchand, Aavaddan, Harisingh, Kishansingh, Shersingh.

            Above pedigree is taken from the related Bahi. A few Vedya families unlike the majority took jobs under the kings and Zamindars, so the were named Mehta or Mutha.


Vedya gotra in history pages

Muni Shri Gyan Sunderji

            He was born at Bisalpur, in V. 1937. His father was Ved-mehta Shah Navalmal. He married at the age of 17. He took Diksha from Swami Lalji Maharaj in V. 1993. He wrote History of Oswals. Before him Yati Shripalji had written history of Oswals in his book named Jain Sampradaya Siksha, and then Yati Ramlalji had written Mahajan Vansh Muktavali, but the stories of the origin of the gotra as narrated by both these yaties were just made-up stories and made the history of Oswal un-reliable. Muni Shri Gyan Sunderji rightly described the origin of gotras on the basis of facts and figure. He proved that Caste Oswal was originated in Veer Sanvat 70.

            The Muni had a deep study of the Jain literature and history. He had written 171 books. He had written ‘Jain Jati Mahodaya’, (A book of Oswal History).


Ved Mehta Dassuji

            Dassuji left Jodhpur and settled in Rajaldesar 650 years ago. He founded a new village named Dasasusar and donated it to Charans. He dug a well in Dasasusar and donated it to Charans. He dug a well in Dassusar. There is a Petrograph on it.


Mehta Harisinghji

            He was Diwan of King Raisinghji of Rajaldesar. He died along with prince Jaimalji of Rajaldesar in the battle field while fighting with the enemy. The place where he died is a tomb named ‘Muthathal’.


Mehta Jaichandlalji

            Mehta Jaichandlalji established his own business in Calcutta and started business of Jute baling. He built a Dharmshala and a well in the village Rajana. King of Bikaner had great regards for him and awarded him a ‘Chhadi and Chapdas’. He died in V. 1969. His son Binjrajji was Vice President of Municipality and President of Terapanth Sabha and school. He was jury of Bikaner High Court. The main business of this family is Jute and Banking.


Mehta Thakurseeji – Bikaner

            He was Diwan of Maharaja Raisinghji of Bikaner. When Raisinghji went to won South. He was the Maharaja. The Emperor Akbar was pleased with the Maharaja Raisinghji. He honoured Maharaja and awarded 52 Paragnas. The Maharaja in turn gave a sword and Jagir of Bhatnere to Mehtaji. Mehtaji had two sons named Sanvaldasji and Rajseeji.


Mehta Maharao Harisinghji

            He was the eldest son of Hindumalji. He was born in V. 1883. He was the most intelligent Musadhi of Bikaner State of his time. He was sent to help the Britishers State of his time. He was sent to help the Britishers by the order of Maharaja of Bikaner. In V. 1820 he was promoted to the post of Musahib Aala. The title of Mahroo was hereditary. He died in V.1939.


Mehta Rao Gumansinghji – Bikaner

            He was younger brother of Maharoo Harisinghji. The Maharaja was pleased with his services and honoured him.


Mehta Rao Jaswantsinghji – Bikaner

            He was son of Hindumalji. He was born in V. 1898. He was Bikaner Council Member. Maharaja honoured him with Jagir and the title of ‘Rao’. He died in V. 1940.


Ved Mehta Shri Harisinghji – Rajaldesar

            He was Diwan of Raja Raisinghji of Rajaldesar. It is said that in a war he and Prince Jaimalji remained fighting even after their head were cut off. The place where their head were cut off is named ‘Jhunjharji’. Many people still worship them on special and appraoriate occasions.


Vaidyaseth Hethalji – Phalodi

            He opened his shops at Welington. Kunoor and Utakmond. He had his 5 shops at Nilgiri and one in Bombay. He was president of Gurukul.


Mehta Shri Binjrajji – Rajaldesar

            He was born on V. 1936. He was the Vice-Chairman of Municipal Board right from its beginning. He was Jury of Bikaner High Court. He was Vice-President of Jain Swetamber Terapathi Sabha Calcutta for many years. He was President of Jain Swetamber Terapanthi School.


Mehta Shri Champalalji – Rajaldesar

            He was born in V. 1961. He expanded his parental business. He had good relations with the Britishers. He donated huge sums in the Construction of Jain Swetamber Terapanthi Sabha, School and Hospital.


Mehta Shri Gambhirmalji – Ajmer

            He was a famous banker of his times. It was said that “Gambhirmal Mehta ka tol, Aur Hundi sub ki leve mol”. He built Ghat of Pushkar, Mahadave Temple at Gau-Ghat, Khovaria Bheru ki Ghati, and Diggi Talab of Ajmer. Milliam Bentting wrote him a letter in praise of his deeds.


Mehta Shri Pratapmalji – Ajmer

            He was a famous business man. He had his business branches at various places namely, Calcutta, Hyderabad, pune, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Indore, Tonk and Ujjain. He was appointed Honourary Diwan of Jodhpur State in V. 1923. He and his brother built a Jain temple of Lord Parshvanath and a Dharmshala. He expired in V. 1926.


Mehta Shri Saubhagmalji – Ajmer

            He was born in V. 1926. He was adopted from Bikaner at the age of 8 years. He was honoured by the Bikaner Maharaja at that time. Jodhpur Maharaja also honoured him three times. He was also invited by Sir Pratap on the occasion of the Marriage of Maharaja Sardarsinghji. He had many antiques and old hand written books. Photos, Ornaments, Swords armaments, China goods, etc. He was managing the temple of godi Parshvanath.


Mehta Shri Ridhkaranji – Ajmer

            He arranged a Sangh for Shatrunjaya and Girnar. He had business relations with Kishangarh and Javra States. He was honoured by Kishangarh Javra and Jodhpur Maharajas.


Mehta Shri Badanmalji – Udaipur

            He left Ajmer and arrived Udaipur in V. 1898. He established his business at Udaipur. Bombay, Rangoon, Hongkong, Calcutta etc. He was one of the richest person of Rajasthan. His wife Smt. Chandbai built a temple and Dharamshala at Udaipur. He rejuvenated several Jain temple of Mewar. He took his nephew Kanakmalji in adoption.

Mehta Shri Kanakmalji – Udaipur

            Maharana Swaroopsinghji had given to him a land of 29 Bigas near Swaroopsagar in V. 1914. In return he also presented a four-hourse carriage to the Queen of Udaipur.


Mehta Shri Manoharlalji – Udaipur

            He was Born on 1948. He was City Magistrate of Narsinghgarh and became Civil Judge, and Custom and Excise Officer. He was also Vice-President of Municipality. Gwalior Maharaja also called him to join the post of Custom Superintendet. Maharanaji promoted him to the post of Asstt. Excise Commissioner of Udaipur. He became Excise Commissioner also.

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