According to ‘Mahajan Vansh Muktavali’ yati Shri Ramlal, said that King Zambde was the ruler of Jhabuva (Malva). In V. 1575 Acharya Shri Jin Bhandra Suri enlighted Zambde. Zambde wanted to win the battle, but it was a difficult task. He requested the Acharya to do something. Acharya gave him a ‘Vijaipataka’ Mantra. He use it and won the battle. The area of Bheels now became a part of Zabuva. He converted himself and his sons into Oswal caste. His gotra was named Jhabak. Zamad and Zambak, Gotra Zamad currepted to the name Zammad. Shri Sohanraj Bhansali says that this event happened in V. 1475.


There is no historical proof of the above event. According to ‘Zamad Itihas ke Darpan men’ and the Bahi of Bhat there is a family tree of Zamad gotra. According to it the first person belonging to this gotra was Jamsen, who was in the 17th pedigree of Uppaldave. Shankarpal was itwn to this gotra was Jamsen, who was in the 17th pedigree of Uppaldave. Shankarpal was in the 7th pedigree of Jamsenji, who left Osiyan in V. 1121 and settled at Aisar. In V. 1307 Kanvarpal of this family left Aisar and settled at Merta. In V. 1408 Narayandas ji left Merta and settled at Kishangarh. In V. 1632 Padmasinghji left Kishangarh and settled at Todiasar at the time of Maharaja Ramsingh of Bikaner. In V. 1896 Khetsidasji left Toliasar and settled at Sadarshahar. The pedigree is as follows.

1) Uppaldave                            2) Kanwarpal             3) Indrajeet                 4) Mamal

5) Gandharvsen                        6) Vikramadatya       7) Dishan                    8) Bhojraj

9) Ajayraj                                 10) Palamsingh         11) alansingh              12) Randhaval

13) Udaideep                            14) Jagdave               15) Jasdhaval              16) Dhundhmar

17) Jamsen                               18) Dhayadrai           19) Vgarao                  20) Bherusingh

21) Vikrampal                          22) Mamal                 23) Jasdhaval              24) Shankerpal

25) Ganpal                               26) Nathmal              27) Badanmal             28) Kanwarpal

29) Kapurchand                       30) Raimal                31) Bhagwandas         32) Narayandas

33) Javarmal                            34) Jivandas              35) Aalamchand         36) Dasaratpal      

37) Padmasingh                       38) Kocharmal          39) Kanwarpal            40) Manjal            

41) Shyamo                              42) Hirachand           43) Premraj                 44) Udaichand

45) Raisingh                            46) Savantsingh        47) Thakursingh         48) Umedsingh

49) Khetswwdas                       50) Kaluram              51) Mangalchand        52) Milapchand

53) Roopchand                         54) Punamchand



            Zamad Kaluraji built Zamad house at sardarshahar and under the guidance of a yatiji of Bikaner; he converted this house into a museum. This museum has a beautiful and wonderful collection of antiques. This museum contains different types of arms and ammunitions, coins, dresses, utensils, bands, photos, decorative items of wood, glass, china clay, toys of japan, Germany.and England atc. The types of satety devices are employed in the building. There are beautiful paintings painted on its walls.

Zamad Jeevraj and Manmal- Phalodi

            They were nominated as chaudharies of phalodi. Even today this family is popularly called by the name ‘Jia-Mana’ family

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